Painkiller 2013

When an experimental lethal-injection has the unexpected result of making an inmate immortal, the most vicious convicts steal it to take over the prison and the world.


Infract 2017

Michael, a troubled teenage boy, and his group of friends notice strange occurrences in the house, which may be linked to the tragic history of Michael's family.

Inference Notes

Inference Notes 2017

Adapted from a popular Chinese Crime Fiction Campus novel. After receiving a heart transplant, Xia, who is a mathematical genius and studies in Nanyang University, is wrapped in the mist of a murder. With the help from University colleague Qin, she gradually realises that this is an insane scheme of organ trafficking manipulated by subtle mathematical calculations. What is more, a terrifying secret is also hidden inside Xia’s new heart.

Island of Doctor D.

Island of Doctor D. 2005

Each spring, for many, many years, a new nurse has been sent to work on the island of Doctor D., but rumours persist that none have ever returned. Julia heads to the island to solve its mystery, but it turns out that she herself is the secret.


Zhigrana 2016

Christine Summers has been working in an NGO in Nepal for the past four years. Her boss assigns her to do a last mission in Ruku to collect information of the life outside of the cities, before she leaves for the United States. Leaving for the mission with her crew and her guide; they take shelter in a small village called Zhigrana; an area known for a killer on the loose who sacrifices humans in the name of Kaal Panchami, a mythical ghost. When they start to turn against each other regarding a death of a friend and with no one to trust: it is now up to Christine to figure out who the killer is. Is it the ghost of Kaal Panchami or is the truth even stranger than that?


Defilers 1991

After the corpse of an important politician mysteriously disappears, several investigations begin that involving Agent Marin of Interpol and two police officers. What they uncover is high level corruption involving sinister doctors and others grave robbing and / or killing people to harvest their organs and sell on the black market.

A Rough Cut

A Rough Cut 2016

A film maker travels to explore an abandoned secluded youth home "Pohjola Manor" located in Northern Finland surrounded by ghost stories.


Letters 2017

Something dark boils below the surface of a game of Letters, setting off a series of unexpected events, forever changing a marriage.

Death Ship

Death Ship 1971

The holiday romance of Daniel and Marjana is disturbed by a premonition of an imminent fatal event. In this vision, the beloved accompanies her lover on an arduous and wearisome voyage by sea and when the situation seems most desperate, a mysterious ship suddenly appears on the horizon…

Dead And

Dead And 2013

Documentary producer Jung has won a documentary award. Unfortuately for Jung, the documentary was a trumped-up story and PD Jung has been demoted to a position in the province which he doesn't like. He is just spending his time drinking alcohol and hanging out with ladies in a bar. One day, he hears about a hundred year old wild ginseng from Jung-bae, who is a wild ginseng broker. PD Jung thinks this is a great chance to be reinstated in his position in Seoul. So, he goes and visits Sun-sam, who is famous for finding wild ginseng, a so-called 'Simmani', to get permission for filming a documentary with Jung-bae and Sang-gook, his additional production personnel(AD). Finally, he gets permission from Sun-sam and starts to film. However, people feel something very weird, and some of them get killed while they film the documentary in the middle of the mysterious mountain. PD Jung decides to find out the secrets people are hiding.

The Break

The Break 1974

Two strangers break into a man's house and subject him to a series of terrifying - and humiliating - mind games.

The Book of Murder

The Book of Murder 1974

Much-married and once successful writer Henry T. Aythecliff, now heavily in debt, summons his three ex-wives to his mansion, planning to extort a sizable amount of money from each. When he is discovered dead, clues indicate that each of his four wives had motive and opportunity to murder him, and a young detective must sift through some ingeniously devised evidence.