Galus Galus

Galus Galus 2013

Maybe, some time ago, he had a family. Maybe once, some time ago, he was loved. Maybe, some time, he had loved ones waiting for him, missing him. Today he is only a shadow, lost amongst all the shadows of the days that begin and no one sees. He is a shadow that wakes up in the sidewalk and rummages the trashcans, searching for plastic bottles or cans to sell for a few coins that will give him to eat for the day. It’s the fight to survive one more day, every day, one more day.

When Popeye Ruled The Seven Seas

When Popeye Ruled The Seven Seas 2004

Popeye with arch-rival Bluto, in ten colorful cartoons that put the spinach-empowered one through his paces during everything from April Fool's Day to an Election. You'll see Popeye up against a gopher, termites, and a mouse; battling Bluto in the ring; competing for Olive's affections (and vote) as well as taxi fares - and even fathering twins!


Japanicky 1928

Felix can't afford to get in to the theatre so he makes a hole in the wall to peep through. There are two wrestlers. A small Japanese mans overthrows an enormous opponent. Inspired, Felix ties a know in a lamppost and is chased by a policeman. He tries to karate a goat who head butts him. He lands in a Japanese garden where two Geishas are kneeling. Inside a hut another Geisha kneels.

The Story of the Dancing Frog

The Story of the Dancing Frog 1989

Short - This delightful adaptation follows Gertrude and George the Dancing Frog on a whirlwind theatrical tour. - Amanda Plummer, Heidi Stallings, Edna Harris

The Three Fishketeers

The Three Fishketeers 1987

Calling themselves "The Three Fishketeers," a trio of adventuresome fish set out across the ocean floor to seek fame and fortune. Toby, bright-eyed and spunky, Finner, aristocratic and thoughtful, and Gillis, a big "galumphing" guppy who calmly takes everything in stride. Meeting a "damsel" clearly not in distress, the would-be heroes comically try to help her recover a large pearl. But it isn't long before all four of them are swimming for their lives, and The Three Fishketeers finally learn what heroism really is.

The Apple

The Apple 1963

A man's repeated attempts to retrieve an apple off a high tree branch all prove fruitless. What does he want the apple for? That would be Telling.

Virgin Beasts

Virgin Beasts 1991

Blending live action with twisted animation, this film tells the story of a gang of young surfers struggling to survive in post-apocalyptic Sydney

How the Telephone Talks

How the Telephone Talks 1919

"All sounds travel in waves much the same as ripples in water." Educational film produced by Bray Studios New York, which was the dominant animation studio based in the United States in the years surrounding World War I.

Bundle of Joy

Bundle of Joy 2007

From writer-director Kyran Kelly comes this darkly comedic computer animated short about a wiener dog that loses the affection of its owners because of the arrival of a real child. The twisted daschund knows there’s only room for one baby in the family and soon concocts a way to exterminate the competition so he can once have mom and dad’s love to himself. “Bundle of Joy” is a film about love, jealousy and of course, revenge.

Mountain Music

Mountain Music 1976

Mountain Music illustrates what happens when technology gets too advanced too soon.

The Legend of the Three Trees

The Legend of the Three Trees 2001

Vivid visual imagery brings this classic legend to life. Told simply, in language even the youngest family members will understand, the story begins with three young trees who dream - as all children do - of doing big deeds. When the woodcutters come, the trees each find that the reality of their existence doesn't match their dreams... and yet... This touching story contains a simple lesson about God's Plan for every life, told in a way that will touch hearts. Narrated by Hal Holbrook.

The Lucky Dragon

The Lucky Dragon 2009

A mischievous dragon gets into trouble and is banished to Earth. On Earth he takes the form of a young boy, and he befriends and joins the Order of Swords, who do battle with the evil Stretch for control of Earth as each tries to possess the Bantam Sword. The Bantam Sword is atop a mountain, and, as the forces of good and evil battle to claim it, the mischievous dragon must find a way to assist in the Order of Swords' quest as he tries to find happiness in his new surroundings.

Up on the Housetop

Up on the Housetop 1993

Curtis Calhoun just isn't in the mood for Christmas and wishes it would all go away. It appears he gets his wish, at least until he finds a strange little man in a red suit stuck in his chimney on Christmas Eve. Is it a cat burglar in disguise, or is it really Santa Claus with a very special Christmas gift for the discouraged Curtis Calhoun?