American Joyride

American Joyride 2011

A down on their luck couple from South Georgia go on the run to get the money to repay a gambling debt, and decide to film their escapade, in hopes of selling their 'reality movie' to Hollywood for a quick buck. However, the danger becomes very real when their misguided foray into drug dealing does not go as planned, and they quickly find out they are in over their heads.


Windjammer 1937

The fourth and last of the George A. Hirliman-produced films starring George O'Brien (preceded by "Daniel Boone", "Park Avenue Logger" and "Hollywood Cowboy") that were distributed by RKO Radio. Hirliman sold O'Brien's contract to RKO, which then produced 18 series westerns starring O'Brien that ended when O'Brien went into the Navy at the outbreak of WW II. Long-time (past and future) O'Brien director David Howard served as Hirliman's Associate Producer on this film. "Windjammer" finds O'Brien as a subpoena server ordered to serve a subpoena on Brandon Evans (The Commondore) for a senate inquiry or lose his job. Posing as a playboy, he boards the Commodore's yacht during a yacht race, and the yacht is wrecked by a gun-running windjammer commanded by Captain Morgan (William Hall.) All hands are picked up by the windjammer, including the Commodore's daughter (played by Constance Worth, at her blonde, plumpish best) and put to work as galley slaves.

Arctic Flight

Arctic Flight 1952

Mike Wein, an Alaskan bush pilot operating the the Bering Sea area, makes friends with John W. Wetherby, posing as a wealth United States businessman. But, in reality, he is a Russian spy on his way to Siberia carrying microfilms of the United States' defense installations. (imdb)

Siv Sleeps Astray

Siv Sleeps Astray 2016

Seven-year-old Siv’s first night sleeping over at her new friend Cerisia’s place turns out to be a magical one. In the early evening, many things are already beginning to seem odd, the exotic food, all of the animals ... At night though, the unfamiliar flat really starts to become a realm full of secrets.

Carmo, Hit the Road

Carmo, Hit the Road 2008

Marco is a lonely handicapped Spanish smuggler, driving through Brazil to sell out his cheap goods. When two bandits assault him and steal his load, he is miraculously saved by Carmo, a beautiful local girl who would rather die than spend another day in the hellhole where she lives. Carmo and Marco will start a lawless, reckless journey, and an intense romance through a breathtaking South American border landscape.

Call to Danger

Call to Danger 1973

A federal agent recruits a computer whiz to try to free a Mafia witness who has been kidnapped and held in a heavily fortified compound.

Troopers Three

Troopers Three 1930

Eddie Haskins, a wisecracking young man, teams up with two ham-acrobats known as 'Bugs & Sunny', and ,when they are all kicked out of a vaudeville theater in California, they enlist in the U. S. Cavalry. Eddie falls in love with Dorothy Clark, the daughter of a sergeant and, following a moonlight tryst, they are discovered by Sergeant Hank Darby who himself is in love with Dorothy. They have a fist-fight in which Eddie comes out second best. When Darby is reprimanded for fighting with an enlisted man, the troopers incorrectly think that Eddie squealed on him, and they punish him with a conspiracy of silence. Dorothy also rejects him. Eddie has a problem. Maybe a fire will break out in the stables and he can rescue Sergeant Darby.

The Devil's Keep

The Devil's Keep 1995

A dying Nazi war criminal gives a treasure map to his teenage neighbor. The boy goes after the gold and finds himself the target of a Nazi manhunt.

Pero Kvrzica's Comradeship

Pero Kvrzica's Comradeship 1970

A group of village boys found a comradeship under the leadership of the most intelligent amongst them - Pero Krvžica. They decide to renovate the old and abandoned watermill on the outskirts of the village. A discord amongst the villages cause the mill to thenceforth remain unused. The owner of the steam mill benefits most from this situation. To make sure it stays closed, the corrupted steam mill owner is ready to bribe customers. Pero's comradeship does not want to give in under the pressure of corrupt villagers...

God Erlang

God Erlang 2020

Yang Jian split the mountain to save his mother, but was fined to guard Tianji Pavilion to protect the ancient god Dzi. One day, the hooded demon who looked at Dzizhu tiger for the sake of seizing Dzizhu and Yang Jian fought in the Tianji Pavilion, causing Dzizhu to leave the world. Yang Jian went down with Xuan Tiangou for Xun Tianzhu, met the sister Yao and her daughter Huier in Lingshan Village, but accidentally discovered that Yao sister hid Dzi in Huier to help her daughter survive. On one side is the mission of the priest, on the other side it is about human life. Just as Yang Jian hesitated, the masked demon attacked again. During the two-man battle, Yang Jian accidentally discovered that the masked demon turned out to be the magic mirror of Fuyao's magical collision. In order to save Cang Sheng, Yang Jian finally summoned Sky Eye and started a desperate fight with the Mirror Demon.

76 89 03

76 89 03 2000

The film is about three friends in Buenos Aires: Paco, Salvador and Dino, going through their common history at three moments in their lives: the years '76, '89 and 2003.

The Big Jump

The Big Jump 1927

A young Italian girl living in the Dolomites falls in love with a member of a tourist party skiing on the nearby mountains.

Die Sklavenkarawane

Die Sklavenkarawane 1958

Heiß brennt die Sonne. Eine Karawane schleppt sich durch die trostlose Wüste am oberen Nil. Nicht nur die Hitze macht den erschöpften Reisenden zu schaffen. Der gefürchtete Sklavenjäger Abu el Mot überfällt den Troß und verschleppt die Reisenden, darunter Kara Ben Nemsi, seinen treuen Begleiter Hadschi Halef Omar, den schrulligen Gelehrten Ignaz Pfotenhauer und den englischen Forscher Sir David Lindsay. Kara Ben Nemsi kann mit Hadschi Halef fliehen. Um Hilfe zu holen, machen sie sich auf einen langen Weg voller unwegsamer Abenteuer…