Stand by Your Booth

Stand by Your Booth 2012

Follow two escalator handrail salesmen as they seek to protect their jobs, self-esteem and sanity in the soul-crushing world of the trade show.

Between 11 and 12

Between 11 and 12 2008

A common day in Stockholm some people face major changes. The owner of a fur shop meets an animal rights activist. A priest has restrictions on Saint Lucy's Day. An old woman evicts and a young man disappoints his father.

The Break

The Break 1974

Two strangers break into a man's house and subject him to a series of terrifying - and humiliating - mind games.

The Book of Murder

The Book of Murder 1974

Much-married and once successful writer Henry T. Aythecliff, now heavily in debt, summons his three ex-wives to his mansion, planning to extort a sizable amount of money from each. When he is discovered dead, clues indicate that each of his four wives had motive and opportunity to murder him, and a young detective must sift through some ingeniously devised evidence.

Letter from a Filmmmaker: Chantal Akerman

Letter from a Filmmmaker: Chantal Akerman 1984

A filmmaker’s self-portrait, asking hard questions of herself and of us. Invoking Aurore Clément as a kind of stand-in or proxy, a glamorous counterpart to Akerman who sports a drawn-on moustache. What is cinema for? Who is it for? If the Mosaic prohibition on making graven images includes film images, then where does that leave a Jewish filmmaker?

Cbeebies A Christmas Carol

Cbeebies A Christmas Carol 2013

Packed with CBeebies stars and some very special guests, the classic Dickens novel is adapted to tell the story of how miserly Ebenezer Scrooge needs some CBeebies magic to help him care for those around him and share the joy of Christmas! Three presents lead Scrooge through a series of experiences that help him change his ways, and if the audience join in with all the singing and dancing along the way, it's sure to do the trick!

What Do Those Old Films Mean?

What Do Those Old Films Mean? 1985

Noel Burch’s fascinating and well-made (if at times historically contestable) six-part BBC television series, about early silent cinema in Denmark, England, the Soviet Union, France, Germany, and the U.S., mixes beautiful clips of rare films with various social theories about their significance.

Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening 1994

The failing economic fortunes of a small turn-of-the-century Nebraska town interrupt a blossoming romance between a pair of star-crossed lovers.


Sheridan 2017

To celebrate her love of music, Sheridan Smith performs songs from her new album as well as other musical numbers, all accompanied by a live orchestra in an hour long TV extravaganza, hosted by Alexander Armstrong.

Market People

Market People 1978

A carnival is in town. Workers start to build the stalls and tents. Players practice their act. Roma, peasants and grifters put up their own boots. After they pay taxes to local officials, they get a muddy ground for their stalls.

Una vita sottile

Una vita sottile 2003

Gaia lives her life in joy. She is a teenager, she loves her father, manager of an important firm, she has a boyfriend and she is among the best in her classroom. But one night two policemen arrest her father. He is accused of bribe.


Skuggpojkarna 2001

About seven men who have committed terrible crimes and are imprisoned indefinitely.