Gauguin: The Full Story

Gauguin: The Full Story 2003

Art critic and broadcaster Waldemar Januszczak wrote and directed this examination of a man who was not only a great painter but sculptor, wood carver, musician, print maker, journalist and ceramicist. As well as telling the remarkable story of Gauguin's life, Januszczak also celebrates Gauguin's achievements and examines the various accusations of sexual misconduct, familial neglect and racism that are frequently made against him.

Dog Ends

Dog Ends 1984

A middle-aged man is feeling the strain of looking after his elderly grandfather, who is demanding and needs a lot of medical treatment. Then a neighbour suggests a painless way to be rid of him - This black comedy is set in the future, where euthanasia is lawful and increasingly common but it should still, ideally, be voluntary.

For Sale

For Sale 2013

Giorgio Chamorro sees for the first time threatened his reign as best seller: Sandra Pulgar has arrived


Menagerie 2012

"Menagerie" is a drama which takes place in the early 1990s, in one Serbian village near the coast of river Drina. It is a story about moral and historical breakdown of one country, located at a milieu separated from urban life, in an area that lives on specific rules and relationships between people. Srna, daughter of Strain, the most powerful man in the village, is promised for a wife to Jovan. Jovan is the son of a local forester Tadija, who, in return, allows Strain poaching and illegal cutting of village wood. Although there is attraction between Srna and Jovan, they still don't want to be married by the wish of their fathers. Suddenly Petar, the ex-forester who was seven years in jail for killing Strain's older son, returns to the village. His return changes lives of all characters in this story indicating the uncertain end of it.

The Battles of Simeon the Student

The Battles of Simeon the Student 1999

Thematically diverse stories written by Petar Kocic are bond by the thread, creating the basis for a dramatic story of the events surrounding the student Simeun. In the foreground there's a summary of Simeun's features, some patriotic, but some arrogant as well. These Simeun's actions are manifesto of the complexity of his nature, acting like a tyrant and patriot who displays bravery for the sake of freedom of his people.

The Real Apes of the Planet

The Real Apes of the Planet 2014

Travel the world meeting apes, monkeys and lemurs of all shapes and sizes, as these animals' amazing behaviors are showcased. Get up close and personal, interacting with these engaging creatures, as Real Apes of the Planet demonstrates that we humans are not quite as unique as we like to think!

Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not 1996

On Christmas Eve, two old high school friends meet again after many years, now as middle-aged people. Conversation recalls happy school days, hang outs with classroom friends, teachers, football matches, music they were listening to, films they have been watching and one girl they both loved...

Each Time We Part Away

Each Time We Part Away 1994

After his wife's murder and house burnt, a young soldier is in search for new home for his daughter. But coming to chaotic at the beginning of the war Zagreb is no place for hope...

The Honorary Duty

The Honorary Duty 1986

A professor of geography and a farmer befriend during their military service. On a day of taking the solemn oath, a farmer's father who rejected him when he was little suddenly appears. Refusing to meet him, he sends his friend to replace him.