The Last Mountain Pass

The Last Mountain Pass 1971

Based on a novel by Farman Karimzade, the movie shows the life in an Azerbaijani village under the Soviet rule in 1930s. Here two former "beys" (land owners) are opposing each other. One is loyal to the ideology of the past and can't reconcile himself to the new power, to second rejects the past and accepts the power of the Bolsheviks, believing that it will establish justice.

The Ambush

The Ambush 1968

A film set during World War II - a small partisan unit must ambush a German convoy.

Echo on the Seashore

Echo on the Seashore 1966

World War II. Patriot Jonuz Bruga has troubles with his young son, Selim, who leads an immoral lifestyle and does not support the anti-fascist war, while his brothers fight in the city's guerrilla units.

Richard Harrington: My Grandfather's War

Richard Harrington: My Grandfather's War 2017

Richard Harrington, star of Hinterland and Poldark, sets out to trace the journey of his grandfather, who went to Spain 80 years ago to fight fascism in the Spanish Civil War. In this journey of self-discovery Harrington travels from Wales, through Paris and across the Pyrenees into Spain, uncovering the reasons for his own lack of political motivation and discovering a story that kick-starts his own political awakening.

There Burns a Fire

There Burns a Fire 1943

An allegory of Germany's WWII occupation of Norway. Members of a theater ensemble join the resistance.

The End of a Day

The End of a Day 1954

Based on Philippines war experiences. Military doctor Leutenant Hanada deserts with a local girl. The officer in command orders Lieutenant Uji to shoot Hanada. Uji takes a sharpshooter called Takagi and tracks him. At first Uji cannot forgive Hanada but as Uji is isolated from the main force he too starts to think of desertion.

Wounded in the Forest

Wounded in the Forest 1964

While hiding from the Germans in the forest, young Polish corporal tries hard to fulfill his order to take care of a wounded lieutenant and wait for the doctor and transportation to come.

Poppies of Flanders

Poppies of Flanders 1927

An Earl's reformed son fakes a relapse on learning his sweetheart loves another, and dies saving his life.

The Stone Sky

The Stone Sky 1959

A deeply touching psychological drama adapted from the novel 'Kamienne niebo' showing the Warsaw Uprising through the prism of civilians’ tragedy. A classic feature trick of locking characters up in a confined space allowed the film creators to focus on the psychological portraits of their characters and the experience of an individual facing a hopeless situation. Warsaw, the last days of the Warsaw Uprising. A few inhabitants are imprisoned under the rubble of a tenement house in the Old Town. To start with the characters are not very worried by the incident. They are convinced they will be freed soon, however no help is in sight. They run out of food and their attempts to get out of the trap prove unsuccessful. Every captive reacts differently to the extreme and life-threatening situation. A Warsaw wheeler-dealer Maniuś tries to take some action, an old professor loses his eyesight and the seemingly rational janitor goes crazy… The last oil-lamp goes out.

The Great War - 1917 - Year of Endurance

The Great War - 1917 - Year of Endurance 2014

Part of the documentary series looking at the course of the First World War. This volume examines the events of 1917, when the Allies launched desperate attacks on the German lines with huge casualties, but with little result. By the end of the year, the Russians had withdrawn from the conflict following the Revolution, while the Americans were slowly becoming involved.

Return to Sandakan

Return to Sandakan 1995

During World War II there were nearly 2,500 Allied prisoners held in Sandakan POW camp in British North Borneo. Along with the ravages of war and the struggle to survive abject conditions, only six of these POW's were found alive when the war finally ended. In the years that followed, the horror stories of human depravity and the atrocities committed by the Japanese at Sandakan POW camp would come to light, considered by many as one of the most devastating chapters of the Pacific War.

Free City

Free City 1958

The heroic struggle of Polish post office workers in Gdansk on the first day of World War II.

An Apple from Paradise

An Apple from Paradise 2010

A pious old man, who is a proponent of suicide attackers, comes to Kabul to visit his only son, who, after the holy war had remained in the Soviet Union. He had enrolled his son in a religious school "to study the Koran and return to the village as a Mullah". In Kabul he learns that his son had decided to become a divine suicide bomber so as to go to Heaven. The film presents two different forces of the inner world of the protagonist father: paternal feelings and the holy religious ideology. The spectator witnesses how he loses his only son and holy belief. Shot in chaotic and dirty Kabul, the film portrays the incorrect interpretation of religion and the conflict of generations.

Four Walls Sarajevo

Four Walls Sarajevo 2012

Mizar is constantly moving and running in Sniper surrounded Sarajevo streets. On the other hand, Mizar father, Jamil is handicapped and his only connection to the world is his son Mizar. One day the door bell of the room they reside in rings.